Replace Roof Before Rainy Season Hits Seattle.

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Summer is a hectic time of year so it’s easy to put off thinking about replacing the shingles on your Eastside home.  With Fall arriving, the weather is already changing though it’s not too late to get your new roof before our stormy season.

Putting off replacement could cost more

Blog by Bellevue Roofing Company, Inc

Homeowners on Seattle’s Eastside probably think there’s no harm in pushing off their roof replacement.  While they could get lucky and make it another year, it’s a chance they may not be willing to take if they knew how costly a leaky roof can be.

When shingles are worn and aging, they are more susceptible to becoming damaged in heavy rains and/or high winds.  The last couple of winters have been the wettest on record and high winds are common in the Pacific NW so the safe bet would be replacement.

Waiting until you have a leak raises the probability that you’ll have damage that extends beyond your roof.  This translates into added stress and more money to repair water damage.

Any homeowner that’s been through a similar situation will most certainly tell you it’s not worth the gamble.  Depending on the amount of damage incurred, it may be more than just a minor cost and an expense you could have avoided.

Budget friendly roofs for Seattle’s Eastside

Composition roofs (asphalt shingles) are the most common and lucky for you, they are affordable for everyone.  What makes them such a great value?  They come in many colors and styles as well as a variety of grades, which means they can last anywhere from 20 to 45 years.

Choose the 3-tab shingle if you want a less expensive shingle.  If you can afford to spend a little more, architectural shingles are more durable and give your roof a dimensional appearance.  Also called laminated shingles, these shingles are double the thickness of 3-tab and can last up to 35 or 40 years.

When you figure in their longer life, they are just as good of a value as 3-tab.  Homeowners often decide that spending a little more now is worth it as they won’t have to go through the whole shingling process as soon.

Blog by Bellevue Roofing Company, Inc

Malarkey products deliver quality

Bellevue Roofing Company installs Malarkey roofing materials because they have a superior product line, which includes Dura-Seal, Legacy, Vista and Highlander.  These are all available in many colors to match your home.

To learn more about Malarkey, read this past blog post about 3-tab and this post about architectural shingles. Both posts outline their features and explains how they differ from other brands on the market.

Free written estimates

If your roof has seen better days, we urge you to contact us for your free written estimate.  If you happen to have a flat or low-slope roof, you’ll be happy to know Bellevue Roofing Company is a flat roof specialist with over 40 years of experience in installing flat roofing materials.

So, whether you have a flat, low slope or composition roof, we are the ones to call for a durable roof that will protect your home for years to come.