Flat Roof Installation & Repair

Low slope and flat roofing specialists

For 40 years, Bellevue Roofing Company, Inc has been Installing and Repairing Roofs on Homes and Businesses in Seattle's Eastside, from Woodinville to Kirkland to Bellevue to Medina.

Whether you're a Homeowner or Business Owner, we're the Roofing Contractor to take care of all your flat and low slope roofing issues, from New Installations to Re-Roofing to Repairing Leaks.

Why choose a company skilled in flat and low slope roofs?

Because it eliminates problems from developing down the road. We often get calls from homeowners with roofs that have developed problems even though they are only a few years old. Many times these issues were caused by one or all of the following:

  • Using improper techniques or skipping steps during install
  • Poor quality materials that can’t withstand the outside elements
  • Not following manufacturer’s guidelines for the specific material

While we do everything we can for these homeowners, their troubles may have been avoided IF they had chosen a company skilled in flat roofing installations. Most (if not all) companies work with composition roofing but many do not regularly install flat roofing material as it takes a different skill set to do so.

Installing flat roof solutions since 1977

With all this experience, our staff has become Flat and Low Slope Roofing Specialists who never take shortcuts. We install roofs that last.

All work is done by Bellevue Roofing Company, Inc employees and we stand behind our work.

Our team of Roofing Experts have been trained to follow manufacturer’s specifications when working with PVC membrane and the materials associated with it.

Roof Repair Renton, WA

Get Your Free Flat Roof Estimate Today

No one likes surprises and this is why your roof estimate will be a written quote with all the details of your project listed so you won't be surprised by hidden fees. If there’s something you don’t understand, ask us-we'll gladly explain it in simple terms you'll understand.

Our goal is for you to make an educated decision so you'll be happy with your choice and part of that is knowing exactly what your new roof will cost before work is started.

What is PVC roofing?

PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride though it’s often called thermoplastic polyvinyl chloride membrane roofing or vinyl roofing for short.

No matter what name it goes by, PVC membrane is the high performing flat or low slope roofing solution with a proven track record.

Roof Repair Renton, WA

Why PVC is great for flat and low-slope roofs in the Seattle area

  • Available in a variety of colors to match your home or business
  • Reflectivity = energy savings- choose white to reflect sunlight and keep your home cooler
  • Durable-it’s resistant to punctures and impact
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Withstand high wind loads (crucial with our famous storms)
  • Good low-temperature flexibility and high-temperature tolerance
  • Fire-resistant-it’s difficult to ignite and burns slowly-tends to self-extinguish
  • Not affected by ponding water (vital in our wet weather)
  • Green choice because it's so long lasting

Thermoplastic means a watertight seal

Thermoplastic means that when heated to the right temperature, the material changes from a solid to a semi-solid material so the sheets or panels can be fused together.

Upon cooling, they form a solid sheet with a watertight bond so you don’t have to worry about leaks as the PVC membrane is one big continuous sheet of material. While other roofing systems use caulk and fasteners to attach roofing material, the heat welded seams of PVC membrane are actually stronger than the membrane itself.

This means you don’t have to worry that the elements and/or time will weaken the seams of the roofing material and compromise the integrity of your roof.

Affordable flat roof repair

In addition to Flat Roof Installations, we also Repair all Flat and Low Slope Roofs for Homes and Commercial Buildings on the Eastside, including Bellevue, Kirkland, Medina and Renton.

Even if we didn't install your roof, we'll be happy to repair it so when your roof develops a leak, give us a call to hunt down the problem.

Don’t worry-a leak doesn’t necessarily mean you need a new roof. We’ll diagnose the problem and come up with an affordable solution to fix it.

Get your detailed roofing estimate

Whether an install or repair, we're upfront about the cost. When you get a roof estimate from us, it'll be in writing so you can see exactly what you're paying beforehand.


  • Martin R., Bellevue - WA

  • Patrice R., Kirkland - WA

“I had thought it was impossible to find a competent roofer for a low pitch roof but Keith, the owner, provided us with a very detailed and competitive bid.

We are very happy with the new roof, its appearance and the PVC membrane keeps our house cooler in summer and warmer in winter. ”

“As I sit in my home during this 90+ degree weather, I think of Bellevue Roofing and how grateful I am for my new high-tech roof.

As Keith promised, the thermal properties of the materials make a considerable difference in maintaining comfortable temperatures in our house.

We stay cool and comfortable without air conditioning! During winter, the heat is maintained more efficiently.”