Affordable Leaky Roof Repair For Seattle’s Eastside.

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We’re in the middle of our rainy season and that’s bad news if your home or business has a leaky roof.  Since leaks only worsen over time, it’s imperative for you to address any leaks right away.  Waiting only adds to the cost of the repair as chances increase that you could sustain water damage.

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Reliable leaky roof solutions

Bellevue Roofing Company has over 40 years of experience in hunting down leaks in Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, Mercer Island, Medina, Issaquah and Sammamish.  Whether your home has asphalt shingles, flat roof with PVC membrane or metal roofing, our roofing experts will find the leak and offer affordable solutions.

Skylight leaks fixed too

Aging skylights are often the source of leaks and if that’s the case, we’ll examine it to see if repair or replacement is the better option.  When an older skylight has components which have deteriorated, sometimes replacement is more cost effective.  If that’s the case, we’ll be upfront about why we’re recommending the whole unit be replaced.

Roof repairs that last

Of course, finding the cause is only the first step.  Fixing it is the second step and that’s where you want a skilled roofing crew working on your problem.  Whether your leak is big or small, our process is the same-using quality materials and always following the specific manufacturers’ guidelines for the best possible outcome.

Using quality materials alone doesn’t guarantee a good outcome.  The solution needs to be carried out using proper methods, otherwise the leak may reoccur, putting you in the same boat as before.  Before we start work, we’ll give you a written estimate, so you know what it’s going to cost.

If, during the course of the repair, we discover the extent of the damage is worse that it initially appeared, we’ll bring it to your attention right away.  In that event, we’ll offer an amended estimate if labor and materials have changed.

Blog by Bellevue Roofing Company, Inc

Repair or roof replacement?

Depending on the leak, age of your current roof and the cost to repair, re-roofing may be in your best interest. 

For example, you need to ask yourself if you really want to spend money on repair when your asphalt shingles are in poor condition and need to be replaced in the next year or two. Even if you fix this leak, there’s a good chance more leaks may develop and you’ll have to spend even more money.

Worn and/or missing shingles and inadequate flashing are problems that need to be addressed as they allow for water damage, which only add to the cost of any repair or replacement. A new roof would eliminate your problems.

Call for your free estimate

Whether it’s a leak repair or roof replacement, Keith (owner at Bellevue Roofing Company) will provide you with a written estimate detailing the cost of materials and labor so you can make an informed decision that’s best for you. Contact us today.